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Natural soaking meets modern comfort...

Handmade wood hot tubs powered by the latest technology.

Milled by hand, Built by hand.

Our tubs are built completely from scratch using renewably sourced Western Red Cedar because of it's outstanding natural resistance to water and rot. Starting from dimensional rough sawn cedar, each piece of the spa is carefully milled into as many as 100 individual staves. A single stave takes at least 9 passes with 4 different pieces of equipment before it's ready to be installed. Once everything is milled perfectly, the floor is assembled on the beams, each stave is carefully tapped into place, and 3 sets of bands are attached and torqued to lock everything into place.

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Modern purification, Rustic style.

Just because our hot tubs are built the old fashioned way doesn't mean the new age has nothing to offer. Wood hot tubs built by Cedarwood Spas use the latest technology in temperature management, purification, and filtration. This means that water care, temperature stability, and maintenance is just as easy as any other hot tub or spa. Our system uses an advanced ozone generator and pressure filter to keep the water crystal clear while reducing chemical usage by 90%. In fact, between ozone and the natural antimicrobial properties of cedar wood, our hot tubs can be operated without chlorine or bromine. The entire water system is located inside the removable stairs which means easy servicing and no visible plumbing fixtures.

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Therapeutics, Beyond the relaxation.

You may already know about the health benefits of hot tub soaking, but it goes much further than just relaxation. Regular hot tub soaks help reduce joint pain, arthritis, muscle pain, and even the symptoms of fibromyalgia. A soak before bed can make it much easier to fall asleep and results in deeper, more restful sleep. But what makes Cedarwood Spas different is hidden in the walls.

Hot water is hot water, but our hot tubs are a little different. Cedar is more than a durable, beautiful wood with a pleasant scent. The very oils that give cedar it's longevity and fragrance also make their way into the water to add to the health benefits. Cedarwood oil can improve skin and hair health in various ways. It is known to improve hair growth, alleviate scalp conditions, and treat acne, eczema and other skin conditions due to it's antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Testimonial from Mayor Mike

*This is a real testimonial from one of our soakers in Illinois

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