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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept returns?

If for some reason you are not happy with your new hot tub from Cedarwood Spas we will happily accept return requests within 60 days of the delivery date. We are so confident that you will love your new tub that, if you don't, we will give you a full refund and cover removal and shipping matching the delivery service you selected. Refunds will be processed when the tub is recieved at our facility.

How do wood tubs hold water?

Wood has been used to both hold water and keep if out for thousands of years. Most woods, especially cedar, expand when they are wet. This property allows many individual pieces to be joined together to create large containers. The tub is assembled as tight as possible with the wood dry, then as the tub fills with water, the wood staves expand into each other and seal up the gaps, making the tub watertight.

This does mean that if the tub needs to be drained for an extended period of time the wood may dry out and may cause the tub to leak when it is refilled. This is perfectly okay! Once the wood swells with water again the tub will once again be watertight.

How is my new spa delivered to my home?

If you live within our service area, we will provide delivery and installation services excluding electrical and pad work. The service area covers most of Colorado, Southern Wyoming, and Northern New Mexico. 

If you live outside our service area no problem! Your new hot tub will either be shipped freight from a Denver, CO hub to the nearest shipping hub to you, or shipped directly to your home. If freight to hub is selected, you will need to organize pickup from the hub yourself. They can be transported using most full size pickup trucks, or you can have a local hot tub mover pick up the tub and install it at your home. If home delivery is selected, your tub will be delivered directly to your home. From there, you can coordinate the final installation using a variety of methods. Give us a call to see what works best for your home!

How are the hot tubs heated?

We have three different methods for heating your new hot tub. The most common and easiest way to heat your spa is with our 220v system. This tub operates just like most tubs on the market; once hooked up to a proper power source you simply set the desired temperature and the tub handles the rest!

Our other two heating methods allow for a more flexible installation; usually with no added electrical service. The gas and wood hybrid tubs run on a 20amp 110v circuit. They both have all the same purification systems as the 220v tub as well as a small 110v heater to prevent freezing and maintain lower water temperatures. Additionally these tubs will run water through the wood or gas heater as needed to maintain the desired temperature. The gas heater must be attached to a LPG tank to operate. The wood heater must be burning to increase the hot tub temperature significantly.


What maintenance is required on our tubs?

Maintenance on Cedarwood Spas hot tubs is very similar to that of any other hot tub. The filtration system is designed to run 24/7 to keep water clean and clear. The ozone generator reduces the need for 90% of chemicals compared to a tub without one, but the last 10% requires some form of chemical sanitation.


For the cleanest, most natural soak, we recommend using CleanWater Blue copper ion system available soon on our store. This easy to use water treatment is chlorine and bromine free, odorless, and stain free. Cleanwater Blue just requires bi-weekly testing with easy to read strips to check pH, alkalinity, and copper ion levels. Copper ion level is easily adjusted by adding the liquid sanitizer directly to the water. For more information you can visit Our tubs are also fully compatible with chlorine and bromine sanitation systems.

Filtration system maintenance is made to be as easy as possible on our spas. The filter should be cleaned at least every 3 months depending on use and replaced yearly. The filter cartridge is easily accessed by pulling the stairs away from the tub body and unscrewed from the housing. The tubs water ports are equipped with ball valves so the entire system can be serviced without draining the tub. The water should be changed depending on the frequency of use, but changing the water twice yearly is recommended.

What are the requirements to operate a tub?

We have three heating options for our hot tubs, and each has slightly different requirements. 

The electric only hot tub runs on 240v and requires a minimum of 30amp dedicated circuit. Most code requires a nearby GFCI breaker more than 5 feet from the tub and within sight of the occupants.

The gas/electric hot tub runs on 120v and requires a 20amp dedicated circuit with a GFCI outlet. Most exterior outlets on your home will meet this requirement, but it is best to consult an electrician. The tub uses the plug to run the filtration system, pumps, and a 1.5kW heater. This means that even with the propane disconnected, the tub will maintain a temperature of at least 60 degrees F to prevent freezing. Because of this heater, the tub can be left filled while unused, even in the winter. When the tub is to be used, simply press the button on the control panel to switch the tub from standby to on, connect a LPG tank to the wall mounted heater and wait for the tub to achieve the desired temperature. Depending on the size, the tub should be the desired temperature in 3-4 hours.

The wood/electric hot tub uses an almost identical system to the gas/electric hot tub. It too will prevent freezing and maintain clean, clear water even when not in use. To heat the tub to the desired temperature, press the button on the control panel to switch the tub from standby to on, start a fire in the barrel stove, and set the desired temperature. The system will automatically run water through the stove as needed to achieve and maintain the set temperature.

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Have another question?

Feel free to ask us any other questions you have. We're hot tub experts so questions about water care, installation requirements and more are welcome.

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