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About Us

Designed, Built, and Founded by Craftsmen

At Cedarwood Spa we believe that in an age of plastic, machines, and automation, there is ever growing value in things made by real people. That's why every piece of our hot tubs are carefully milled and assembled by a true craftsmen. There is a beauty in handmade products that's not quite tangible. Maybe it's the slight variation in the tooling marks if you look really close; or maybe it's the sense of the hours of labor that went into crafting what sits before you. Whatever it is, it feels important, it feels special, and we know it's always one of a kind.

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Our Mission

The use of wood as a container for water dates back to earlier than 350BC. This ancient technique of storing liquids developed over the next 2000+ years to make whiskey barrels, water storage tanks, wine vats, bathing tubs, and even early Japanese hot tubs! However, as technology advanced, these only became increasingly less common. While there are other companies offering wood tubs, they are mostly the "build it yourself" variety. 


At Cedarwood Spas, we strive to make these beautiful, rustic, hand made tubs accessible to anyone who wants one! Our tubs are designed and made to be as easy to install and use as the typical fiberglass tubs we all know of. That means all our wood tubs are pre-assembled and swelled to water-tightness so they can be filled and used as soon as it's placed in your backyard. That way you can leave all the complex woodworking and careful assembly to us!

What Sets Us Apart

Besides the fact our tubs are place-and-fill just like any acrylic or fiberglass tub, there are a few things we do differently at Cedarwood Spas that sets us apart from the competition. The difference is how we install our circulation and purification system. The entire system is installed inside the wood stairs leading up to the tub to allow for a compromise free placement of our tub. No external equipment housing, no large jut-outs on the sides; nothing but simplicity and beauty. This also allows us to keep the jet trim very slim, only 2.25" from the body of the tub. The stairs that house all the equipment simply rest against the side of the tub so they can be easily removed and serviced without the need for draining the water!

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Unmatched Soaking Experience

The soaking experience is the difference you will feel when soaking in our tubs vs any other on the market, wood or not. Our tubs hold 3 times more water than a traditional tub of the same width. This is due to an astounding 50% greater soaking depth and nearly full use of the volume of the footprint of the tub. There is zero wasted space around the body of the spa that traditional hot tubs have to house pumps, heaters, filters, and other equipment. We've also designed a continuous bench system that gives you 24" of water depth and maximizes seating and leg space. You won't find a more relaxing soak anywhere else.

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