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Gas/Electric Hybrid Tubs

First we'll start with the why. Many homeowners and even renters long dream of being able to soak in steaming hot water in their own backyard, but lack a 240v GFCI protected hot tub circuit to connect their tub to. Without a 240v, electric only tubs have a really hard time reaching and holding the desired temperature; especially in colder weather. Since 240v circuits can be very expensive to install we've developed a tub that can heat and maintain temperature on a standard 110v outlet with the help of a propane or natural gas powered axillary heater. The electric heater maintains temperature when the tub is not in use and the system is switched to the gas heater to increase and maintain the temperature while it is being enjoyed.

Winter Cabin
Winter Cabin

Not all homes are capable of adding a 240v circuit

It is not uncommon than certain homes have no available space in the breaker panel or not a large enough service for additional current. This could include mountain cabins, beach cottages, or homes built in the early 1900s. For these homes a gas/electric hybrid is perfect.

How does it work?

Our gas/electric hybrid system uses a continuous pump to filter the water, add ozone, and feed water to both heaters. The temperature is set on the topside controller and the unit can be selected between gas and electric mode as needed. In electric mode a low power electric heater maintains the set temperature automatically. When more heat is needed, the system is switched to gas mode with the press of a button and it will automatically maintain temperature by actuating a valve that feeds the gas heater.

All that is needed to get started is to connect the two flexible lines between the tub and stair unit, the two flexible lines between the stair and gas heater, connect a propane tank and plug it in to a GFCI protected outlet!

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