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This is a collection of photos and videos from Cedarwood Spa soakers as well progress photos from inside our shop!

tropical tub cropped.jpg
daytime tubbin.jpg
moody water.jpg
8 person benches.jpg
jet trim closeup.jpg
Topside Controller.jpg
close up wide focus_edited.jpg
bench frame.jpg

*This is a real testimonial from one of our soakers in Illinois

Testimonial From Mayor Mike
The "Guts"

A few photos of the inside of our stairs. This is where we house all of the pumps, heaters, ozone generator, controller and more. All one compact unit with endless variations. On the left is a double electric heater with jets system. On the right is our 110v gas/electric hybrid. Both require just two hoses to be connected to the tub.

electric with jets.jpg
gas hybrid.jpg
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