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Green Forest

Rustic Style, Modern Convenience

Western Red Cedar Construction

We assemble our tubs with dry wood right after they are finished being milled for the tightest possible fit. Once together we slowly fill them with water, allowing the cedar to absorb the moisture and expand until every joint is water tight. Doing this in our shop means that as soon as it's installed at your home, it will be ready to fill and use!

Wester Red Cedar is the perfect choice for our hot tubs as it is naturally mold, bacteria, and insect resistant. It also does not rot due to water contact so it can be used without liner giving you a direct wood soaking experience. This is critical as the natural oils from the wood mix with the water giving it a pleasant scent and providing a multitude of health benefits for your skin and hair. Cedarwood Oils have been proven to treat many skin conditions such as eczema, acne, athletes foot and more; it has even been proven to promote hair growth! 

Spa Equipment from Top Manufacturers

At Cedarwood Spas Ltd. we strive to only use the best equipment available in our hot tubs. We use top brands for filters and pumps such as Hayward, Waterway, and CMP. We are also one of the only manufacturers to develop and use out own proprietary Spa Controller System to ensure a perfect match for our spas. Our controllers have been developed from the ground up with our wood hot tubs in mind so there are no adaptations and no compromises.

The Best Filtration and Purification

Our spas feature pressurized filtration and inline ozone generation to ensure crystal clear water. We strive to make everything as easy as possible to service; no tools are required to do filter changes on our hot tubs. 

Removable Stairs/Equipment Housing

What sets us apart the most is the fitment of our filtration, purification, and pump systems. Absolutely everything is packed into the stairs of our hot tubs so there is no ugly external equipment housing to worry about. This also makes it very easy to service/replace any equipment in our spas as it is as simple as sliding the stairs away from the tub body.

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